Erica Esserman


International Transmedia Director &
Transdiciplinary Experience Designer

Creator of Meaningful Experiences

Hi, I’m Erica an Interactive Media Artist & Director, originally from California and now based in Germany. My creative focus revolves around blending new media technologies to create immersive experiences that deeply resonate.

I have a profound passion for exploring the synergy between art and technology, and how they can evoke emotions and provoke thought. Through the magic of new media technologies, I bring to life experiences that not only engage but also resonate deeply with those who encounter them.

I have a strong technical background, with expertise in TouchDesigner and Arduino, and experience with many new media technologies. These tools enable me to design interactive encounters that respond, react, and reflect the essence of human interaction.

Join me as I explore the possibilities of interactive art, combining technology and emotion into compelling stories and immersive environments.