I'm Erica Esserman.

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I am an interactive media artist/director and a freelance visual designer focusing on web design and visual identity design.  I am from the US, and I am currently living, working, and studying in Germany.

Experienced Digital Designer.

Work Experience.

I have been designing digitally and developing websites for 8+ years.


I have a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts from UC San Diego and am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Interactive Media from Filmakademie-Ludwigsburg. 

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I love working on all sorts of projects, especially new businesses with a positive impact. 

My Skills.


web design

Let’s make you a website that stands out.


Brand Strategy

I have a tried-and-true process to develop your brand identity.


UX/UI Design

User centric/ User focused design is always at the heart of everything I make.


Photography/ Editing

I am a photoshop expert. 


Visual Identity/ Logo Design

A visual identity that expresses your core identity consistently and vibrantly is a must! 


Interactive MEDIA

I am a techy artist with tons of experience as a digital and physical maker.  Art meets code!

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Fun Facts.

I have a motorcycle license, but I’ve never driven one on the street.

I used to have an albino hedgehog.

I’ve torn my ACL in both knees — one from volleyball and the other from snowboarding (my two favorite sports).

I have visited around 25  different countries and lived in 4.

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