Erica Esserman

Ouroboros (2019)

Interactive Installation & Research Project
Independent Thesis Project
Arduino, solar, GPS, LoRA
University of California, San Diego

The Snake Project was developed as an ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major) senior project at UCSD. This project aims to explore the ability of a site-specific artwork to exist in a space that constantly moves, while the piece itself is also constantly rearranging. This human-powered animal lives on earth just as any other animal does. It gets its energy from the sun and its direction and purpose are derived from an external source of consciousness (in this case, the collective human consciousness).

The piece consists of five discrete blocks or chunks that are connected by electronically controlled latches. An approaching viewer/participant is directed by the LEDs on the end block to disconnect the end piece and reconnect it to the front block. Upon moving the block, a new end piece becomes the next movable piece, and the entire structure will begin to move one block at a time as the structure is disconnected and reconnected one piece at a time.